London Phone Repair By Experts

GadgetWiz was created to make mobile phone repairs much easier for customers.

With a five star review on Google and Trust-pilot. our customer service speaks for itself :).

Our goal. Our vision is to be London’s most used tech repair specialists, bringing tech repair to you.


How it all started

Everyone has a device these days, whether it is your beloved smartphone, your laptop, or the kids favourite iPad. We realised at GadgetWiz that everyone at some point has a damaged device. When your kids drop the iPad and crack the screen, or when you take your iPhone out of your pocket and you get a cracked iPhone screen, one of the most horrible feelings. We thought how can we make the process easy to get the device repaired at the most affordable, and speedy repair from a trusted company? So we came up with GadgetWiz, a service that comes to you collects your device, repairs your device and drops it back to you in most cases the same day.


What we can do

Our highly trained tech repair specialists can fix the most common device faults and have them returned on the same day.
We can replace your screen, fix any camera issues, get your battery back to life as well as other more advanced repairs such as liquid damage, data recovery.
Visit our broken phone repair page to see a full range.


How we do it

All our technicians go through a training development program, this can take 3-6 months, and during this period they train and learn each part of different devices to repair.
After 2 years’ service, the more advanced technicians will go through our further development training, which gets our techs up to senior-level tech repair at this level they would have the experience which is sufficient to carry out logic board repairs, water damaged repairs, data recovery.

Meet the awesome team behind Spoon. We’re bridging the gap between the world’s oldest and largest industry and a future where technology can be used to solve our hardest problems.

Alex Rodriguez

CEO, Co-founder

Eleonore Rundottir


Gerald Mueller


Kolby Huel


Laney Corker


Layla Colliera


Marcus Sparks

CFO, Co-founder

Marlon Schumm


Myles Jordan


Raven Jerde

CCO, Co-founder

Roma Bins


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Why replace when you can repair? Whatever your device needs, we’re here. Whenever you need us, we’re near.