7 Tips to keep your phone safe

September 15, 2021

SMART phone is the smartest version of technology today, but are dealing with the SMARTLY? Well with so many smarts coming in a row, are you taking your smartphone for granted? With technology, uprising comes to a bunch of hustle and bustle while maintaining it. There is a linear relationship, the more innovation comes in, the chances of damage rises simultaneously. Today mobiles have become an integral part of our busy lives, they are companions, problem solvers, best connectors, encyclopedias, all in all, minicomputers in the range of our palms. They don’t deserve a broken screen, a cracked iPhone that may stay on your nerves for a while, or any other heartbreaking issues. Nothing is more painful than getting scratches or your worst nightmare, a broken phone. Let us explore some lifesavers.

1. The ultimate protection lies in, SCREEN PROTECTOR!

A screensaver can be super savvy and super comfy. As we all know that the display of the phone is very important, that is the life of the phone and the visibility maestro. It is known to be a fragile and expensive part of the screen. A slight drop or mishandled phone can cost a lot, look awful, is bound to bigger damage and the phone might not function properly as well.

So the screen accessory is the first that you should buy while your phone. A tempered glass that is another name for the screen protector comes in various qualities, so make sure you don’t get scammed in paying much but get nothing. A glass protector with a firm layer of the shield will do great. There are self-healing tempered glass screen protectors, screen protectors with UV filters, and privacy filters (they avert other people from sneaking and poking on your display). Most of the moderated glass screen protectors also have an oleophobic covering that deters dust, water, and oil and makes the protectors feel like the actual screens.



Running at a speed that has no parallel in the world today there are a lot of chances where you might drop the phone and damage it. To avoid such a series of events, a cover case must be bought at an instant. The cover case is not supposed to be superexpensive, but durable and comfortable. However, some fashion freaks and art lovers can create a whole new world of case cover trends. Funky and extra artistic case cover can become the real head turners.



When you love it, you own it. Own your phones like a PRO! Certain precautions must be taken while handling your phone. The coins shouldn’t come in contact with the screen of your phone. Any pointed stuff in the pocket can damage the phone. Let’s dig into physics, the magnetic fields created by the phone can interact with the other radiations, so make sure the phone is far away from any such radiation glitch. Avoid placing the phone in the rear pocket, an attempt to sit with a jerk, or just sit could care wear and tear, a severe one! The TODDLER company should be kept way away from the phones, those innocent little angels get highly attracted to the screen and phones and while acting smart they may damage them or the phone may just fall off and surely their cute smiles wont fix the damage!




 Water is famous for creating havoc with gadgets and devices. It could be in the form of rain, dropping the phone in the pool and humidity could also be one of the cases. So buying a waterproof cover is a must. The waterlogged phones can be easily rescued.   




 The most widely recognized justification behind telephones dropping from your hand is because of the technique wherein you are holding the cell phone or the tablet. Subsequently, it is important to get a decent hold of the gadget. How you get your grip is vital to keep it from tumbling down. Still, if your telephone drops and gets harmed, you can figure out how to fix telephones by getting hold of our phone fix book.




Ordinarily, we are careless and keep our gadget in places where it isn't secure. Continuously make sure that you have kept your telephone in a protected spot. In case it is kept in where they are open to children or pets, make sure that it is in your sight to keep away from lamenting later. Try not to give your telephone to youngsters in case they are not experienced enough to deal with your telephone with care particularly if your information inside it is exceptionally significant.




Extreme weather conditions can worsen the situation for you. If your telephone is exposed to hot and cold temperatures, it effectively gets harmed. This harms the battery and damages the gadget's inward parts, which brings about information misfortune and decreased battery life. You don't need this to occur, isn't that so? So the best arrangement is not to expose the telephone in outrageous conditions and never leave it unattended.


Learning a few lifesaving hacks can save extra money too! However if still the phone gets into trouble and you have that long frown on the face, then not to worry at all! There is a resolution to this big problem gadgetwiz.co.uk, a one-stop solution to all the breaks and crack and that too with the quality products and best iPhone repair services in London. Delivering your mobile phone, gadgets, and consoles, repaired, safe, and secure on the same days is no less than a blessing andgadgetwiz.co.uk masters the art.

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