Apple iOS 14.5

May 4, 2021

Apple is again stealing the show with another BANG! Yes, the iOS 14.5. This time it takes the form of Ios 14.5 and iPadOS 14.5. Coming up with a healthy list of changes and super cool improvements, this update is already giving some chills. COVID 19 has again made lives a lot more miserable and quite demotivated the audience in terms of new purchases, mobile repairs, Apple phone repairs and updates. Well this time suiting all your mask obstacles and their troubleshooting iPhone has created wonders again.

Unlocking made easy

There are new features that let you unlock your phone through FaceID but still wearing your mask. Well, this could have been done way back in 2020, never too late a new privacy addition has been made where you can access your phone and unlock it using different apps. An apple watch is enough to do the honours. You can use the apple watch to enable the phone while you just sit and try breathing in the mask and keep following the SOP’s.

Air tags support

Put it in luggage, attach it through a key chain, hide it anywhere with your valuables. Find My App options will give you the correct guide. Wondering what an air tag is? Well, it a small eco-friendly device giving you some Sherlock Holmes feels, you can track all the valuable stuff in no time and keep track too.

Apple secures enough

We have heard a lot about accidents happening, hazards taking place and then out of utter confusion and misery, we try to call for help. This amazing new feature in the updates gives you a sense of security in no time. The update includes Waze- like crowdsourcing feature that helps you report the incidents along the route while getting directions. There is a ‘REPORT’ tab available in the Google Maps that you need to just tap and report any accident, incident, hazard along with your way.

ETA- a closer look

Estimated time of arrival can be given on professional and personal levels. Letting people know that when are you arriving at the required destination is extremely easy, whether you are walking or driving. By tapping on the route card at the bottom of the screen or requesting Siri for the job, you can make things quite workable. So next time you are late on a date, save the cost of expensive makeup gifts and iPhone decide your fate!

Dual Sim 5G sustenance  

While keeping your personal and professional life and numbers separate, The Dual-SIM piece on the ‌iPhone 12‌ permits for two lines of provision on a single ‌iPhone‌, useful for travelling and other exceptions. Before iOS 14.5, the Dual-SIM model was restricted to LTE in all countries except for China, but iOS 14.5 will allow Dual-SIM users globally to get 5G speeds on both lines for the first time.

EMOJIS made more interesting

Well, I guess the iPhone has socially evolved a lot and is keeping in pace with all the standards. Emoji that includes couples with different colours, not targeting the races I suppose but diversification in love too. That’s a fantastic approach. Heart on fire, melting heart, face with spiral eyes, cloudy face, exhausted face, a heart with a bandage and a lot more is to there to get excited for. A revamped version of the syringe is added where it no more shows or refers to blood but to vaccination too. The headphone is now an updated version that looks like Airpod Max, where rock climbers wear a helmet in the updated version. Aesthetically sound!

SIRI Improvements

There are two new English ‌Siri‌ voices in iOS 14.5, and by evasion, ‌Siri‌ does not carry a female version of voice. Operators can select a favourite ‌Siri‌ voice at operation.
After upgrading to iOS 14.5, the "‌‌Siri‌‌ & Search" lot of the Settings app has an advanced "‌‌Siri‌‌ Voice" option. The "Accent" label has been transformed to "Variety," and there's no longer a "Gender" choice due to the addition of added voices.

News App

The news section has been reconstructed with a new tab by the name ‘For You’, giving easier access to browse.

The translate app

When utilizing Apple's translate application, you would now be able to change the playback speed by long pushing on the play button when tuning in to an interpretation so anyone can hear.

Apple watch iCloud settings

A new iCloud toggle lets you decide whether to back up the apple watch or not. So it’s completely customized now.
And there is a lot more in there to fascinate you when it comes to Apple and its latest updates.

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Give it a try! Keep enjoying the updates and keep evolving.

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