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October 1, 2020

Apple is known for its high end products worldwide which includes Iphone, Mac, Ipad, Apple watch and much more. Apple products are one of the most advanced technology gadgets with its high end accessories. With high end accessories comes service and gadget updates.

Some includes battery issue, which changes with the advancing versions of Apple products being launched, the phone requires some modifications, battery issue arrises with time. Along with this ear pod hassles, headphones issue arrises with advancing periods. Certain problems with gadgets require servicing and proper maintenance.

Apple products users face problem of having a hanger phone, with speaker malfunctioning, sim insert problem, to update of all the softwares on Mac, those frustrating icloud storage problem with upgrading a gadget, all of this is a hassle and time taking things to be taken care of. This requires a trustable service/ repair company to work for such Apple products.


For all the service providing solution, is London’s most reputable service provider company who provides free home service to the clients owning Iphone, ipad, Mac, apple watch or any other apple product, a solution which every Apple lover is waiting for!

Apple has several expensive accessories which includes earphones, earpods, and more, which is hard to maintain, provides the best solution and service to its client, providing them home-based-services without charging any extra or hidden amounts  except the repair/maintenance charges. provides its services in London in every house hold, by coming to the clients home or work place. Picking up the gadget and repairing it while bringing your product back, all safe and sound. Maintenance of Apple products are highly sensitive and require proper repair, provides the authentic service to its client. Its an online service/ repair provider with giving home based service.

During the lockdown when one is gushed with anxiety and helplessness to find the right place and person to rescue your gadget, gadget wiz formed up this idea to serve people best and the right way.  

With increasing technology and advancements people require best tech solution companies especially for all Apple users residing in London, will take you to another level of comfort and assurance.

Apple users are more fond of swift technology and update, which can sometimes be frustrating in managing. This tech solution company is just a call away, they will come at your place, collect your gadget, will repair it and return it back to you. You just have to sit back and relax!

A sudden damage of iphone screen requires a major defect in an iphone. is the best solution to handover you phone and make it repair by just sitting at home, make your iPhone repair without paying any extra charges. is the London’s repair hun in which all the tech related gadgets is being repaired without any hassle, providing you a home based service and update for your Apple gadget.

By clicking “Repair Now” on the website of, you have clicked the right solution for your Apple gadget. They provide you the surety of keeping all your expensive gadget safe and sound.

London’s best tech solution company, is your best choice which is safe, time friendly, safe’s your cost and moreover provides you the best authentic service for your Apple gadget, its just a click away!

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