March 20, 2021

Video games and their gadgets are one of the eye-catchers for many game lovers. Gaming activity has now been developed into a whole new industry in which every company thrive to introduce the best of gadgets and accessories which takes gaming to a whole new level. Similarly, ASUS is introducing the ROG Phone 5 Ultimate a phone which is built for gaming purpose that is now you can enjoy the best of the gaming activity just on the phone. The company offers some hi-tech systems and features that will give a vibe of playing games in any café. The phone is constructed with some powerful and amazing features that will take gaming to new higher levels. The company is expanding its products line with the introduction of this gadget which will be something new to the industry. It has the responsiveness of 144 Hz/1 ms display and offers suave 3D gaming involvement. Have you heard that any phone may consist of a controller? Here the company is offering such a phone that can be controller itself.

Talking about the features of the phone, then this mobile processing power takes gaming to another level that is this new gadget ports a Qualcomm Snapdragon 88 5G Mobile platform which have around 35% increase in the interpreting recital which can provide a smooth without any aggravation a 3D experience. As it has multiple system profiles one can control the performance of the settings and tuning tools. Not only this, it has some astounding battery features which is a monster 6,000 mAh battery with a 65-watt Hyper Charger adapter through which the phone can run all day long by just charging once. When gaming, the battery itself split into two portions to keep hotspots away from the holding area to offer comfort while playing

As stated earlier, the phone can be used as a controller as well that is it has features of Motion Control which allow the gamers to move and control the game by just modifying the phone. The phone majorly consists of 10 motion controllers which provide the gamers options to choose anyone according to their need. It's just that the gamer is playing the game and using the phone as a steering wheel through which one can increase or decrease the speed, push or pull away and can make any strike by just using a phone. Using Rear Touch skill with some hidden sensors on the backside of the device, this hi-tech tool will provide the gamer with L2/R2 trigger functions which are the same as that of the controller. These in-built functions work with ultrasonic sensors to gives you all the control of the device. Moreover, the phone also includes ultrasonic side sensors that give provision to your preferred gestures. These advancements make gaming more lively and interesting.

The gadget captures the moments with a triple camera system, that is during gamming the gadget allows you to capture the live moments because it has a triple camera system and a Sony IMX66 64 MP wide-angle camera facility. The other cameras have 13 MP and front-facing camera. These technological advancements will allow taking selfies in groups or of live streaming performance. Other features which are included in this are Pro Video Mode, Free Zoom, Acoustic Focus functions and Wind filter which will capture the live moments accurately and perfectly.

The other feature which this gadget consists of that it allows the gamer to charge the USB port in landscape or portrait mode. This also includes the snap-on fan cooler which prevents the phone from overheating when you overclock it and also have fan packs of USB –C pass-through charging.

This gadget provides the best of the experience in the world of gaming which has all the in-built best technological tools which build up a console-like experience into the phone to reframe from playing in a crowd with having different accessories. This device provides power and customization as compared to the large screen devices

Announced 2021, March 10

Status Coming soon. Exp. release 2021, May

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