Benefits Of Getting Your Phone Repaired And Saving Money Compared To Buying A New Phone

July 30, 2020

Mobile phone companies around the world are introducing the latest models one after another. If your mobile phone is broken, then you might be tempted to buy a new one. But, you should consider another option, which’s getting your phone repaired.

When looking for a quick mobile fix, GADGET WIZ is an ideal choice for people living in London.

Let’s see what the benefits of getting your phone repaired instead of buying a new one are.


Apart from only a few exceptions, repairing your phone is always affordable than buying a new one. Typically, mobile phone repairing cost is between $20-$130. On the other hand, a normal smartphone starts from $200 with the latest models having prices around $1000.

If you want to save your money and increase the life of your mobile phone, you should consider a mobile quick fix. Regardless of whether you have a cracked iPhone screen, damaged battery, or faulty camera, GADGET WIZ can provide an affordable iPhone screen repair and mobile quick fix.

Lesser waste

We all know that climate change is becoming a drastic issue. We need to reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible. If you happen to buy a new phone rather than repairing your broken phone, you become a part of environment-destroying measures both indirectly & directly.

80% of a mobile phone can be recycled while the other 20% is likely to end in a landfill. Therefore, play your part in environment protection and get your cracked iPhone screen repaired instead of selling it on a local shop or throwing it away.

Getting the maximum value

Let’s say you buy a phone that breaks after a short time. If you keep it in your drawer and go for a new one, it simply means that you won’t get the maximum value. You will not only spend your hard-earned money on a new mobile phone, but the money spent on the older one will also be a waste.

So if your mobile phone is broken, then get in touch with GADGET WIZ for a quick mobile fix to get the maximum value for your money.

Shortage of Coltan

Coltan is an integral part of mobile phones. It’s used in almost all kinds of electrical devices. Its deposits are slowly going down because of the excessive demand for new mobile phones, leading to more manufacturing of mobile phones.

Its largest reserve is located in Congo, who’s one of the most unstable countries in the world because of conflicts over Coltan mining. More mining means worker exploitation and violation of human rights.

Therefore, getting your cracked iPhone screen repaired, replacing the broken display panel of your Samsung smartphone, and any other issue repaired isn’t only cost-effective & eco-friendly but ethical too.

For high-quality, quick, and affordable mobile phone repairs, GADGET WIZ is the right place.

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