February 8, 2021

Apple's successful iPhone launches is not new to anyone unless you were living under a rock! iPhone has very loyal fans because of the compelling features that it provides and the new, better, advanced launches every year. It’s no new that iPhone is the phone's trend setter, from never seen before camera options for newbies and professional photographers to introduction of music players in a phone, iPhone never failed to amaze. 

Undoubtedly, it’s one of the absolute best phones in the market but since it’s a machine its quite natural for it to encounter issues but mostly it’s nothing that can’t be fixed. We al get sick too, let’s give this right to our phones too that most likely do more work than us! But after all the luxury there are some common problems that one has to go through when using such beauty.


iPhone users face various types of problems when they; update to newer versions or IDs, transfer data from old to new iPhone, jailbreak or launch any new app on their devices. There are many reasons for iPhone problems varying from hardware/software related to even some bug in IOS needing to be fixed.

A few of the very common and popular iPhone problems and the solutions to fix them includes;

•starting with one of the personally encountered ones, 

1. Forgetting iPhone's passcode or iPhone getting disabled;

Well, if you have bad memory like me, you are most likely to get face to face with this one, no wonder why it is so common. As a result you make several attempts to somehow try and unlock your phone leading to getting your phone disabled for 5, 10 minutes or more than that depending on the number of the tries you make, getting several chances to retry. Here, you can either try to unlock your disabled phone, reset the device and set a new passcode or panic all your being. All you have to do is erase the old password by restoring iPhone through iTunes or iCloud. You can also use the recovery mode to fix disabled iPhone. The process might lead to complete data loss which can easily be recovered via iCloud backup or using iPhone recovery software before troubleshooting the problem.

2. iPhone getting stuck on its apple logo;

Yes, been through this one too. I can tell how frustrating it gets but trust me the first thing you need to do here is calm your nerves down.

Now, there can be several reasons for this to happen. It could be the jailbreak of iPhone or iOS update, hardware problems or during retrieving of data from backup. This one can be fixed by restarting the phone or putting the device in recovery mode. Again, it can lead to data loss but it can be easily restored from the backup. Yeah, iCloud backup is really the wonder feature!

-moving over to the most popular and quite common one, 

3. iPhone not being able to connect to the WiFi router;

After updating to iOS 11, majority of the users complained their iPhone no longer could connect to their personal networks. The initial step is to restart your phone and recheck the wifi connection. Make sure your router is fine and supports Apple products. If the problem doesn't withdraw even, then try connecting to WiFi after attempting 'Reset Network Settings' under iPhones settings.

However, if it doesn’t work out after all this upgrading your newer version or restoring the earlier version can help!

4. Overheating of iPhone;

It is another common one, it is suggested to give your phone a break for a while, switch it off and shift it to cooler environment right away!

5. iPhone white screen of death;

Various other smaller problems like upgrade fail, jailbreak can lead to iPhone white screen of death. Here, you can restart the device to fix it, if that fails to resolve, hard reset your iPhone. If that fails too then boot your iPhone in 'device film ware upgrade' mode.

6. iPhone black screen;

Dropping your iPhone, spilling water on it etc can lead to this problem. To fix this issue, begin with charging your iPhone completely to cancel out any chances of battery issue.

If the problem still stands still, restore your iPhone to factory settings via iTunes.


7. iPhone battery life problems;

iPhone battery draining fast is one of the most common problems of iPhone users all across the globe. The poor iPhone battery performance can be tackled through controlling the apps usage, reduce the number of open tabs. Also uninstalling the apps that consumes high battery such as YouTube, Facebook and accessing them through safari can also do a huge favor in saving your battery life.


8. touch screen issues,

Reportedly, there are many touch issues related to the iPhone lately, the touch doesn’t respond as effectively as preferred, this is common if you have replaced or broken screen. So if you were thinking of replacing your broken screen, reconsider and instead get a new phone or original iPhone screen done by the master in the job.


Mostly every single solutions to the problems leads to data loss. Here only iCloud backup can help you the most. As a fellow iPhone user, I'll highly recommend to have an iCloud backup because if not then you are in big trouble if you ever get face to face with any of these problems. 

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