COVID 19, Safety Guides and Measures in UK

December 2, 2020

Be it a highly developed state, or a developing country or anywhere else the world altogether was hit by a massive destruction, a virus that took lives and left many in pain, known as corona virus. Declared a pandemic this virus left no stone unturned to jumble and jiggle the lives of the people around the word. It was not only a hit to the health but gushed into the work, businesses, daily lives and what not. Distances are the new normal, in spite of suffocation and irritation masks have become the new beauty. Coronavirus, the little but hard. Now if you really want your neck to stick out, pull down the mask and get ready to fight! Well that’s ironical! Consensus upon the safety guides and measures taken globally, the countries came on to the details of safety merely known as the SOPS, standard operating rules. Let’s drilldown to what UK did. Safety guides and measures by UK have been really austere. But that was much required. Before just hoping on to the safety guides and measure by UK and keep your eyes glued to the guidance that you actually know, let us just have a sneak peek of what this virus is all about and how creepy it is to crawl in our lives. Google might be amused somehow to see that the crawling competition still exists! The IT experts might visible understand what I mean here.

The world actually saw this coming officially in December 2019, when the out break occurred in the city of China named Wuhan, the world experienced what we call the tyranny led by this virus, infectious, this virus gave some deadly sites where people started to fall of like anything on streets, hospitals gave a picture of nothing less than a market of bodies wrapped in sheets. Doctors were on the run, hats off to them. Symptoms ranging from fever, cough, sore throat and headaches occur while the most severe casing feel difficulty in breathing and death. Till yet no body was able to discover the exact vaccine to the virus. WHO took severe actions declaring the virus to be a global pandemic, however, countries were intimated with instructions of taking effective measures and guides.

UK, among all of these UK took a step ahead and threw caution to the wind. Not caring for the aftermath a strict lockdown was imposed as the first step to cover the outbreak. Obviously sometimes unplanned things come up with their successes and failures, UK did faced a setback on the economy.

The first core document of the standard operating rules was revealed by the UK, NHS, was in March 2020, named as general practice in the context of Coronavirus. The document not only composed of what corona is? But includes the causes and consequences on a high scale. Under the heading infection, prevention and control the system provided the basic measures that must be undertaken.

Digging deep, the things are all under limits now. Limited interaction is the key!


Coronavirus came in a number of waves, yes! This is not a piece of cake once taken and gulped, this involves aftermath, re occurrence and much more. Every time things ease down the virus gears up to make lives more miserable. But amidst of all this how UK came up with the general guidelines and measures is what’s in the limelight today.

As the UK Government response comes to the end of the first phase, there are many challenges yet to be taken and things yet to be explored. Improving data collection, and the management systems have much improved since the beginning. As of the beginning, the lockdown was imposed a little later than it was supposed to be taken under consideration.

The testing of the virus was not anymore public the services are now given at the door to door level. People can get access to the doctors from home. Gatherings that are public are highly restricted. Business are highly inclined to home based working than usual interactions. Apart from the general practices UK made a control guideline under the name STANDARD INFECTION AND CONTROL PRECAUTIONS, (SIPS). SICPs are the fundamental IPC measures important to decrease the danger of sending irresistible operators from both perceived and unrecognized wellsprings of contamination and are needed over ALL COVID-19 pathways.


SICPs should along these lines be utilized by people of all segments and sectors, in all consideration settings, consistently and for all patients/people, if contamination is known, to guarantee the security of patients, people, staff or any others.

Schools. Offices and shops are at a higher risk as they portray a larger share of gatherings and social interactions, WHO provided guidelines that were followed and implemented at all levels.

TELEWORKING: working from home with least interaction. 

EMPLOYNMENT BRIEF: briefing the employees to work from home id mild cough and fever occurs.

PROMOTING FOOD RESPIRATOIRY HYGIENE: ensuring the face masks and tissues are available at all levels, offices, public and everywhere else. Promoting regular hand washing practices and use sanitizer. Keeping the surfaces and the desks clean, surfaces must include all the surfaces in workplace that includes the doors and gateways too.

According to the general data provided UK is still facing a raise in the cases of the coronavirus, however the country is trying its utmost to cover the loss because it’s not just the souls that a country is losing but the country is undergoing economic contractions too. Moreover, this pandemic is an out spread but at a personal level it’s the responsibility of the people too, to fight back following all the measures and guides.



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