January 1, 2021

COVID 19 has given life a new dimension or new lesson? This question is yet to be answered. Some say that a lockdown was a completely different psychological experience. Others state that the lockdown was and is a disaster, not only affected the health but sabotaged the economy of the countries throughout the world. People were glues to their homes and movement was completely restricted. People were indolent, exhausted and were up in a giving up scenario, not only this, things haven’t yet taken a nice move and the picture remains a bit ugly till date. Amidst of all this, there were people who were struggling hard to get their broken ones repaired, be it a machine, a phone or any other gadget. Bleak was the new controversy in the era of development and evolution. Moreover people could not find ways to fix a broken phone during the coronavirus lockdown, because shifts were made from retail buying stores to online, but a shift wasn’t yet seen when it comes to tech repair.

A daily life routine includes people roaming around shops, self- searching and exploring the right options to their phone a right fix. But now things are different, there is no easy way out, hidden under the layers of masks, handcuffed with gloves and layers of support and protection. Where curfews are led in ways to restrict public movement one cannot just barge the streets of London and get the right fix. With a high mortality rate hit to London, it was highly impossible for the people get back to the city life.

During such rage and confusion, online stores made things a bit easy and calming for the people. Discussing about the phones, they are a commodity now. Everyday communication and day to day tasks, work, business and what not is just resting in the palms of our hands. But what if a sudden break, a sudden hit or a sudden drop of your phone jeopardize your life in a jiffy? Then comes a search for the best options to look upon. Again the thing drops down as where to find the repair GOD FATHER on earth during such hard times. Incase you are looking for the best options to fix your device, has emerged as the rising star of the year. The team at is not just a group of professionals’ working day in and day out to provide the best repair services.

Furthermore handing over your phone just like that is not an easy job, validity, credibility and reliability is the key to trust any online store. One never just trusted Sephora online :) Well, not only offers repair but quick repair instead. The team ensures the same day delivery service and the charge is just the repair fee, no extra charges for pickup and delivery service. Giving such flexibility is a blessing during lockdown where one is striving for survival and yet had to cut a lot of costs.

Logging on to is yet another level of experience. Quick fix. No Fuss will make your day when you see this appearing on the home page. Scrolling down, a tab under the name “HOW IT WORKS” is a super simple and a decent guide with no logins and signup hassles, stating all the best options for you to choose.  The most exciting feature on the webpage is that they do not only fix the phones, they have a lot more to offer, phones, tablets, computers and game consoles. All is there under one roof, so what else is there to worry about.

Definitely giving a piece of your utmost importance is not easy. Trust issues may affect your decision, but here things are pretty much transparent. reliability by using the best team of technicians. A system known as GDPR to secure your data and other aspects. A gold warranty that offers three months of part guarantee. Such transparency can lead you thinking as to give a chance to prove their reliability.

Giving an opportunity to fix your phones in coronavirus lockdown is worth giving a chance!

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