Gadgets and Mothers make an excellent combo!

May 1, 2021

With the swiftness of the changing world and technology rising to great levels, gifting also has taken a turn and is amazing to the masses with so much thrill and excitement. Mothers are precious so their gifts should be awesome too. Mums might not know the androids and IOS, but their life can be made super easy this time. Unique and valuable ideas deliver not only love but an exceptional amount of care and affection. Today parents feel much under the impression of being outdated and not in line with the fast pace generation. Hence, they might have a sneak peek into the mischiefs of the youth but they will feel much better when gifted not only the best but the most valid gadgets. Gifting ideas on mother’s day will surpass all the levels of the fashion and cosmetic industry, this time it won’t be a watch or an accessory that mum already knows, it would be technology wrapped with love and surprise. Scroll down to some gifting tacks this Mother’s Day and show some adoration.

Apple iPad Mini

Mothers can multi-task without any hassle. Yes! You heard it right, Mums can easily cook in the kitchen while listening to some great music and keeping an eye on all the trendy way to know how to jump over conclusions to you little secrets. Well, this might have had a huge grin. Well, mothers are cute any way to know all the secrets, they deserve that J. However the compact size, easy to carry and portable mini-tablet is great to watch movies and enjoy the fun time have a wider view. The A12 Bionic chip runs smoothly even when using the split window. Classy and trendy, this is a perfect idea for mothers to flaunt at their parties and home.

Belkin UV Sanitizer + Wireless charger

Moms are definitely famous for being clean freaks! Yes, the moment they enter any store, what attracts them the most is the cleaning hub of any store, trying all-new ways to make their homes shine bright. Well, why not let technology do the honours? Let the Belkin UV Sanitizer + Wireless charger become the star of the show. This device when kept near the doorway uses UV rays to clean 99 percent of germs and bacteria on the keys, cards, locks or whatever mum brings in. This will sanitize the smartphone too. This is completely handy and of course JAW DROPPING. Keeping the smartphone on the lid will get it charged by its built-in 10 W wireless charging pad. Mum’s gonna love it!

Fitbit Inspire 2

Let your Mother breathe, feel and relax in the world out there. Make it healthier for her. Well, get her vaccinated before all the pretty little things as COVID 19 is right there keeping a tough eye on all of us. A chick styled watch to track the sleep, walk, run and all the patterns to give better insights.

Instant Pot Duo

Moms who are always on the go and rushing around needs a time fix and this little pot wonder can do magic. The Instant Pot duo, does all the stewing, cooking and braising at the right time with the right method. A built-in timer does a remarkable job but putting off all the burden of checking and rechecking and not being sure still. The high tech wonder is a time saviour and comes up with a lot of amazing recipes, Mum’s all-time favourite. We bet!

Logitech C920s Pro

Oh, there we have one another type of mum love relationship, yes! You guessed it right when we hear of Logitech, what rings a bell? The long-distance love. Well keeping all the cuddles of your boyfriend or your girlfriends apart, Mom’s cuddles are the best! Isn’t it? So next time you log in to Zoom, Skype or any other application make sure to get rid of the fuzzy image of your mother and let her explore the real view by updating your camera with the HD webcam. There is a flip option for your mother just in case if she doesn’t know how to turn the camera off, just flipping the lit will do the job. We all have experienced this before for sure.

Ember Mug

While working so hard all day, be it home or office or gain back to home. Mum’s need something to keep them going. It could be a coffee that smells wow at all times, a nice tea that’s is brewed well or anything warm and comforting. But what irritates the most is, when all of this loses its temperature and things come collapsing to a bad mood which we all suffer J. Well, Ember Mug is the right solution. A smart mug with smart work. Maintaining warm temperature for up to 1.5 hours this mug is doing a great job keeping all the beverages warm.

LEGO Bouquet

Now, this is one of a kind, flowers make life smell great! Well, mothers do believe in the generosity and love these creations carry. But seeing them wither off is a bummer. So Lego brings in a creation that could stay. Spending the evening while arranging the flowers is so relaxing that your mother will love it. And it’s not just a bunch of flowers, it's 756 pieces.


Apart from gifting, the gift can be a fix too. Mothers need not rely on anyone for their phone fix or gadget’s repair. Repairing is super easy when it comes to An easy and handy option to save your gadgets and get your iPhone repair in no time. Amidst COVID 19 and all the underlying situations, is a life saviour. Their super easy policies and great affordability. BONUS! They vouch for the same day delivery after repair unless you have destroyed the phone that might take a day, and they only charge a repair. Get your mobile screen repairs, Battery replacements and lot more now!

Celebrate and cherish the love of your mother, not just a day but give her a lifetime. Make sure you bring a valuable smile to her face by giving something that is unique and is one of a kind. Gifts are amazing when they make life easier and happier. Happy Mother’s Day.

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