August 13, 2021

Small-medium enterprises often go unnoticed and their efforts are not recognized at high levels. It is mandatory to appreciate people who are growing and integrating technology and veracity to our daily super busy and tedious lives. Technology is another name of excitement, it engulfs you, makes you a better and a progressive person, and takes you to the world beyond. But wrapped in the folds of big sharks making their pace with their marketing and billions of investment there is one aspect that goes untouched or unseen, the rising SMEs. They leave no stone unturned to pave their way towards a lion’s share and once they get it, they then wander in the crowd to get their market share. SOUTHERN ENTERPRISE AWARDS appears as a blessing in disguise that provides SMEs to grow, rise, shine and make the small businesses prove their mettle around the globe. GADGETWIZ.CO.UK has proved themselves worthy of receiving appreciation and the award of BEST TECH REPAIR- LONDON.

It is a moment of immense pride to announce this news as coming all over till this juncture was not a piece of cake, indulging and mesmerizing but yet a bumpy road with all the thick and thins riding head tohead at all times.

THE AWARD WITH A GAZILLION REASONS has built a place in the heart and minds of gadget lovers in its way. It is not an easy task to trigger the audacity of letting people fix their valuable devices at the right time by the right person and the right workshop. CFO Wahaj Kahn at along with his team identified the population who resisted getting their devices fixed and the unexplored reasons. He found out about a million if mobile phones that are not repaired and that unrepaired aspect is costing another bucket full of pounds, either to buy a new gadget or get the gadget fixed at a higher cost than someone has ever dreamed off. This masterstroke lets the team formulate their idea of providing the best in the best way possible.

COVID 19 has shattered many people and has left a lot more standing in the middle of nowhere. Even if things are broken, then there is nothing open to get it repaired, no one can risk lives! That was the turning point where the masterminds at decided to become the game-changer. They launched their exquisite services to serve people in need. Broken screens, worn-out batteries, damaged ports, charging issues, smashed mobiles, all became a hassle-free zone in a jiffy. Due to this initiative, it was evident that people do not have to roam around empty streets to look for the right offered great services, the one that came in the limelight was SAME DAY REPAIR SERVICE and NO DELIVERY OR RECEIVING CHARGE. They turned the table with their great hits back to back and people thought of them as worth giving a try.

Trust and credibility are one thing that they worked on day and night. Working their souls out, they not only took charge to protect the data through GDPR but also took initiative to assure the best and the quality parts that are being used in repair and replacement. The people at repair section are not just a bunch of ordinary people repairing the phones and the consoles but they are certified, well educated, and well versed with their skill. Showing utmost professionalism has always depicted the security and the safety of the client’s essentials first.

One can book their repair within 60 seconds and get the job done. Smartphones, tablets, computers, and consoles are all ready to get fixed at a single click. The best part is that facilitates the clients at all steps, 3 steps easy installment solution by KLARNA is also available at the ease of the client. One can easily trade their devices in cash, no one has to wait for days to get the right rates, and instant feedback on purchase costs can be initiated by the team on sending an image on the given website. These little efforts and comfort make them the best in town, not only a town but the whole country. Moreover, has taken initiatives on providing green and a safer environment while they tend to make the country a better living place. Offering the recycling of the devices offers a free collection of the client’s device and with the right process, they recycle the device. So why replace and spend a bulk amount of money, repairing is the best option with the award-winning team. To explore numerous reasons for their win, pay a visit to their user-friendly and GO REPAIR.

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