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June 20, 2021

If You have an old iPhone and want to buy a new one, before doing that, you obviously need to get your old one fixed of all sort of problems. Buying a new iPhone requires a good amount. So if you are selling your smartphone there are several steps you need to look up, before selling your old phone. Let's go through these steps to sell your smartphone:


The most important step, so we will cover it first. Before selling your iPhone you should have erased all the previous by clicking the sign out button which you will find in settings and click on the top of your apple id then scroll to the button to sign out your iCloud account.


You should have to remove the passcode because it would be convenient to remove it by yourself and once there, click the “Touch ID & Passcode” option. Then tap “turn passcode off” It will ask you to enter your passcode, and then it will remove it from the device.


Before you hand over your cell phone to the buyer, first of all, rest your iPhone completely. This is the last step to remove your personal data, tap on settings and then go to general then reset your all content and settings.

In conclusion, these steps are mandatory before handing over your cell phone to anyone, because your personal data can be moved to any person and they can misuse your private data. In many cases, the seller forgot to sign out the iCloud which results in the iCloud locked. It's better to keep your cell despite selling because the iPhone saves data and also the new iPhone is more expensive and buying this requires a huge sum of money.

Selling your iPhone to a local market will give you less money than selling to any known man will give you a much better amount. The iPhone is launching new updates, so people are desperate to use the new one despite having an old iPhone. If any iPhone user-facing any issue regarding iPhone battery and screen so Gadgetwiz is available to fix with the professional team and technicians.











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