Google Pixel Repair

July 20, 2021

With one of the most terrific inventions led by google in the name of google pixel, the phone that is operated by either CHROME OS or ANDROID, the brand silently paved its way to success starting from 2013. This line includes laptops, tablets, smartphones, and many other accessories. With the industry dominated by iPhones and Galaxies, Google pixel hasn’t given up on being one of the most reliable phones and Gadget companies. Well it does resembles the make of an iPhone but it tends to give a bigger and brighter user experience in the future. Wait! What if this pixel extravaganza needs a repair? Well repairing a google pixel is easy too, but let’s visit the pixel insights first.  With a 12. A 3-megapixel rear camera can capture a high-quality image. For selfie gurus and enthusiasts this phone offers a front camera of 8 megapixels. Because of the complex functioning that sudden spike in demand, a large number of phones can't offer long battery life. However, this isn't an issue with the Google cell phone. The Google Pixel can keep going for up to 13 hours with expanded web use. In addition, simply a brief time frame charging yields long stretches of likely use. Specialists say that with just 15 minutes of module time, the telephone will work for as long as 7 hours. Now that’s a number!

One of the shortcomings of Microsoft's cell phone was its unremarkable details contrasted with other handheld gadgets at that point. Pixel clients will discover no issues here. To rival the iPhone, Google Pixel is beginning solid with a 1080p screen, 1.6GHz quad processor, 4GB of RAM, and at least 32GB of extra room. Furthermore, because it runs with the Android working framework, Pixel can serenely beat numerous other cell phone models. Concerning its plan, the gadget looks a great deal like the iPhone, yet comes in three unmistakable tones amusingly named "true blue," "really silver," and "very dark." Learning from the slips up of past organizations' cell phone endeavors, Google Pixel has zeroed in on acquiring just the fruitful components of conspicuous cell phone designers to guarantee a touch of the portion of the overall industry all along.

Apple and Samsung telephones may in any case be the best of the best, however, Google's entrance is rapidly getting up to speed. With estimating following the iPhone 7 ($649), Google is surely certain about its equipment. We guess the truth will surface eventually whether Google has reached a cell phone leap forward or then again on the off chance that it will flounder like so numerous organizations before them.

Coming out of all the pretty fantasies yet realities, we are humans and we have the license to get the damages done to our phones. We might leave it swimming near the pool. We might just gush into somewhere thrashing and smashing the screen due to any reason. Well, angry humans can just throw the phones on their bed thinking it won’t break and yet they will be able to portray their anger, well oops! That’s not the case the phone will pop out of the window anyway and then comes the repair maestro in limelight.

One might think that it is easy to just drive towards any repair shop near the street and get the job done but the question lies here. Are you aware of the quality fix? Do you agree to the right working and fixing working conditions? Do you want to have someone who is the right fix and the certified fix too? And yes who wants their phone to keep hanging in the store for days in the name of right fixing! I am sure that the world is too fast! is UK’s premium service that provides the best repairs with the best parts guaranteed. Google pixel, can be repaired in a jiffy and without any delivery hassle. All you need to do is, get on board, and state the problem, book the pick- up and the rider is there at your doorsteps. only charges you for the repair, that’s a master plus! The company has integrated their repair systems with one of the best qualifies people in town, who makes sure that every part is mended and well fixed. The same-day delivery is a jaw-dropping offer, now you don’t need to keep a wet phone for straight two days in a rice bag, is at your service all the time. The best part is that is associated with Klarna too, now you may pay in easy installments as well, no matter how big the damage is makes sure that the fix is hassle-free.

Your data in your google pixel is well protected and cannot be trespassed by any individual working at So next time you plan to damage or try to damage your phone and are left in dark just log on and sit back.

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