How Do I Repair a Water Damaged iPhone?

August 18, 2022

Have you ever wondered how painful can iPhone repair be? and that too when it is completely wet and you dropped your iPhone in water. Let us look at some of the helpful tips to know how to repair your water-damaged iPhone.

First of all, you have to figure out if your phone is actually water damaged. Fortunately, iPhone is a futuristic phone with advanced features, it does tell you the water damage with its water damage indicator.

Different models have their own areas of the indicator, for example, iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13, the red indicator shows that your iPhone is problematic.

How to do your iPhone repair at home?

The initial and quick steps that you have to follow when you find out your iPhone is water damaged

  1. Turning off your iPhone immediately.
  2. Remove the case if you can.
  3. Remove the iPhone card tray.
  4. With a small piece of cloth, wipe your phone and make sure it is soaked up.
  5. Leave your iPhone in a dry area.
  6. The last step is to dismantle your phone and leave it for 48 hours.

Turning off your phone will prevent it from short-circuiting. Removing the case and card tray prevents the trapping of water inside of your phone. A smooth, absorbent cloth preferably nonwoven fabrics make it easy to soak your phone. The most important step is to leave your phone in a dry place for at least 48 hours.

There is a hoax that leaving your phone in rice can save and repair your phone from water issues. There is no proof that it will be effective and will repair your phone. It will do more damage than saving as rice dust can go in your phone.

Professional iPhone repair for water damage

London, UK, where there are many repair shops and online solutions that are offering you iPhone repair. But there is no guarantee that you will find your phone good as new.

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  • Quality parts
  • Data safe

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