iPad Pro vs iPad Air: Which Is the Best Graduation Gift for students?

June 12, 2021

Nowadays all educational institutes teach students on the projector and onq11 electronic gadgets, therefore today education relies on technology, now it depends on students to use computers whether tablets. Students will choose the iPad that fits their needs, and best in convenience and performance. which is best in functionality and use-ability. Apple models of iPads are best for use. Apple iPads are the perfect gift to students who want to pursue their careers in different fields.

Apple announced a better and faster iPad with the M1 chip. The best screen touch recently announced in the new models. This model contains the most powerful processor from the other and upgraded touch screen technology. Apple fulfilled the consumer demand in this model which is the release of 5G capable iPad Pro. And also its elegant look catches the consumer's attention although the iPad have built-in 8 core processor and with a maximum of 16 GB ram. It also consists of a maximum 2TB storage capacity.

On the other hand, a cheaper and lighter iPad pro is an iPad air. They came up with the new A14 chip. They both contain similar options but there is a slight difference that air did not upgrade the M1 chip and 5G capability. With this function, it is affordable to customers.

Now it's dependent on students to choose the iPad according to their work, meaning what they're gonna do in the future, for instance, graphic designing and coding. Then they should go with the iPad pro because the power and performance of iPad Pro is better, they still can use the iPad air but the application needs more power than the iPad Pro is the ideal choice. The battery life of the iPad pro lasts longer because the battery lasts for 10 hours because of excessive use, therefore, the iPad air battery is slightly less in power than the iPad pro.

So if you choose that would be the iPad Pro because of its qualities and capabilities. Of Course, the iPad is not more than the computer but also not less than that. iPad Pro is slightly hefty to your pocket but on the other hand, the iPad is also providing these qualities. So choose wisely about what you are buying.

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