December 6, 2020

Having recognized the potential of the mobile phones, Apple has made a stark effort continuously to fit into the business model and fulfil the requirements of the fast pace world. iPhone 12 is regarded not only as the new version of the best technology but the module is giving competition to many others. So this leaves the people with the question as to, if iPhone 12is the best buy or not.  There has been an incredible and huge period of the development of the cell phones, from straightforward and greater cell phones, which had the option to send and get calls and send and get the instant messages as it were. The advanced cells are bound to be the hand held PCs for designing the day by day plans, sparing enormous reports, for watching recordings, listening music, utilizing web, utilizing internet, video conferencing and considerably more than a human psyche can think. They are more extensive than any normal individual can think about, that is the reason these are called highly integrated phones.


Observing the underlying conditions of the world and knowing how the economy is hitting the low ebb, Apple launched its series of iPhone 12 in an array, most inspiring and alluring. During the robust and fervent event of the launch, the rock star of the show was iPhone 12 with four other models of the version, including iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max. All the versions carry 5G connectivity and is available to more than 100 carriers around 30 regions.

The iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Mini are principally the identical phones. Obviously, the Mini is smaller than the vanilla iPhone 12, but the specs and features are the same across both models. The only exception here is with battery capacity: the iPhone 12 Mini has a smaller battery due to its smaller physical footprint.

The iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max are also very similar. Both phones feature triple-lens rear camera systems, which is a step-up over the dual-lens systems of the non-Pro iPhones. The Pro models also feature some what enhanced internal specs, such as more RAM. The iPhone 12 Pro Max also features a few more bonuses as paralleled to the iPhone 12 Pro, most obviously its size and battery volume.

In a big change, none of the iPhones comprise wall chargers or headphones in the boxes. Inside the box with an iPhone 12 model, one can find the phone, a Lightning-to-USB-C cable, and paperwork.


One of the leading buzzes around the launch were, that the phone will come in multiple sizes. There'll be the smallest, rumored to be the iPhone 12Mini at 5.4 inches; possibly two base models at 6.1 inches (iPhone 12 and 12 Pro); and the largest iPhone 12 Pro Max at 6.7 inches. That allows Apple to offer a range of prices, offering variations on the specs depending on your budget. 

The iPhone Mini would be the cheapest model, with one analyst claiming that it could be available for as little as GBP 490 with 64 GB of storage, undercutting the current base 64GB iPhone 11 by GBP 50. Offering a cheaper entry model would be a smart move, given that the global spread of COVID-19 has meant purse strings are tightening, and rivals like GoogleOne Plus and Samsung are offering great phones at more affordable prices.

A newer leak, however, prices the four models a bit differently, putting the iPhone 12 Mini at GBP 528, the same as iPhone 11's starting price.

Apple has generally kept the same pricing structure as it already has, with the iPhone 12 Mini offering a low-priced entry point to the series. Although adding 5G connectivity (as is expected) will likely surge costs, the phones are sold without headphones or charging plugs in the box, potentially reducing the costs back down -- not to mention helping reduce plastic waste as many people already have drawers full of USB chargers and bundled headphones. Smart move, is it?

The average life span of iPhone device is more than an Android device, which means an average s\pan of 6 years of support to Apple users. Enough to buy the new series? Grab one and indulge in yet another experience.

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