iPhone Won't Turn On. How to Fix?

August 27, 2022

You are at your home on a holiday, you got nothing to do but to use your phone but what if your iPhone won't turn on? You have tried everything in your power but nothing helped. That is really stressful and frustrating as you are now in the middle of various thoughts of losing important data and contacts. In this blog, the tech repair specialists at Gadgetwiz has covered some of the helpful tips at how to fix your iPhone without losing your money and letting your phone away from your gaze.

First of all, lets look at the reasons why your iPhone wont turn on in the first place.

So did you accidently dropped your iPhone in the water or anywhere? If that is the case, then you have to be sure of what really caused.

Dropped your iPhone

Whether it shows any sort or damage or not, if you have dropped your iPhone it may stop working. If it is showing damage, like cracked iPhone screen or any panel damage you may want to get in touch with the tech experts at Gadgetwiz. If you can not locate the damage but the screen is black, try calling on your phone to see any vibration or phone ringing. By any means your phone is wet or dropped in water, your phone will be off quickly.

Battery issues

Another reason of your blank iPhone is the battery draining. As all batteries have got life, with the passage of time and iPhone usage your phone battery loses it complete potential and ability to charge. Your phone may get hot quickly or your phone battery gete drained all of a sudden.

Software Problems

Occasionally, your iPhone won’t turn on due to software issues. Certain apps and iOS updates might cause problems and sometimes, if your phone crashes while your operating system is updating, your iPhone might also become unresponsive.

How to fix your iPhone yourself

Following are some tips that can help you turn on your iPhone.

Try to charge your iPhone

If your battery is fully drained or discharged, it may be the cause that your iPhone is not on. Try to get your phone charged for atleast 60 minutes so that the phone has enough power to get on. After waiting, try to switch on again

Try force restart

“Have you tried turning it off and on again?" Force restarting or simply restarting your phone. Restart your iPhone by holding down the on/off button for a few seconds (usually, you’ll find it at the right edge, but if you own an iPhone 4/5/SE you’ll find it at the top edge). If you own an iPhone X, you have to press the volume-up button and the side button.

Factory Restore from iTunes.

You can even restore your factory setting from iTunes but your data will be lost during this process.

GadgetWiz - Tech Repair Specialists

After everything, you can let us handle the problem and we will surely fix it. Our technicians are highly skilled and qualified for all sort of damaged repairs and replacements. We are working every day to give you the best experience in the finchley. Try your iPhone repairs in Finchley today for the same day delivery

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