My Samsung Back Glass Is Broken!

June 30, 2021

Usually, Samsung's back glass is broken by many Samsung users and glass is important because it increases the beauty of the mobile phone. When it gets broken it ruins the look. People are unaware that they don't know how to change the back glass. So let's go through the process to get to know how to replace the back glass.

The back glass is the flat piece of glass that fits at the back of the phone. If it is somehow broken, it should be removed by the proper tools and it takes heat to remove the glass properly. Otherwise, it can be broken apart into small broken pieces. It is noticeable that underneath the glass there is a sensor cable, try not to damage that cable otherwise the sensor will stop working. Then there is the process of removing the glass and its tools. First of all, you need heat, without heat, it's not possible, you need a heat gun to try to heat the edges of your phone until the grip loses. Once the grip loses, pick any object similar to a card or guitar pick to create the opening in between the back of the cellphone and glass. Once you do this, then the glass will cut off easily.

Now the replacement process is very simple. Pick the glass that you have ordered or already bought from any market just put the adhesive and simple place at the back of your cell phone, once you have properly placed the glass, leave your smartphone for a while to let the adhesive stick properly.

This is the simple process that everybody can do if your glass is broken so you can change it by yourself. But doing it yourself can be a little hassle and can create you more problems. So it is better to leave the work in the hands of professionals. If you have any issue regarding back glass repair, battery or screen replacement. GadgetWiz is out there in London city to help you out.

We have a team of professional technicians that can repair your phone like the a new one. Ordering a repair process is easy and simple, and your phone will be repaired by our higly qualified and trained professionals. GadgetWiz facilitates quality services to its customers. Check out the reviews on trustpilot.













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