The All New Samsung A52

March 27, 2021

Well, hands down the best android phone company are considered to be Samsung. Samsung hits the market with new phone releases every year. And to be honest, most of the times they blow up. with the unique features that Samsung offers, it is hard to resist their new launches.

Keeping up with the hit score, they recently added a new member to their Galaxy A series. The Galaxy A series is a line of mid-range devices manufactured byte Samsung electronics as a part of their galaxy line. It was released 6 years ago on 31 of October in 2014. Most of the Galaxy A series of models presumably covers mobile markets all over the globe.

Offer hails to the subject here, the new Samsung A52 or rather I should say the awesome Samsung A52 because the only way Samsung would like to describe their new release is nothing but awesome in all the ways possible, from their "awesome" camera features to battery and colours, it is all awesome-yy via their perspective.

It was released on March 26, 2021, and its rated 4.4 stars on the Samsung website. It's also rated as IP67.

now about its features; starting with one of the many impressive ones, it is their water-resistant property. If by any chance you spill a sugary or sticky substance on your phone, it is safe to rinse it off under low water pressure. Now, this doesn't mean you can get underwater on the beach or in the ocean and pose with the fishes with no water-resistant cover on, that might create a problem then.

The screen is smooth with EHDF super AMOLED display, treating your eyes with a vibrant display. It is smooth, making sure your view is smoother during whatever you like doing on your phone. It has a 6.5-inch screen (rectangular otherwise, 6.3 accounting for the rounded corners and the camera hole)

Galaxy A52 display received an eye care certification by Société Genérérale de Surveillance or SGS as commonly known, based on its ability to reduce the harmful effects of blue light.

If you're looking for a phone with cool photography features. I bet you'll like the sound of what Galaxy A52 has to offer. It has a multi-lens camera system that will help you take your photography game to the next level. Go ultra high on the 64 MP and bid your farewell to blurry photos and videos, for Galaxy A52 has OIS (optical image stabilisation) and that helps to stabilise the shots in motions smoothness and crispiness. The focus of the lenses is customisable with the depth camera. And to get the desired detailed shots, you have a macro camera. Samsung got you all covered with its pro camera features.

The ultra-wide camera lens hands you possibilities of ultra-wide experiences. Similar to the human eye, a 12MP ultra-wide camera captures the world with a 123-degree angle of view. Via this, the videos recorded will give you the feels of a video shot through an ultra-wide camera.

It has two speakers, one at the top and another one at the bottom. According to the Samsung website; you can get a stereo audio experience without earphones and take your movie night experiences to the next level with the cinematic sound that immerses you in the scene.

The 4.500 mAh battery lasts two days giving you plenty of time to enjoy your favourite phone activities. And with up to 25W of super-fast charging, it gets back to full power in 30 minutes (according to the advertisement)

With the 8GB of RAM and advance octa-cone processor it delivers a big boost in your performance. You no longer have to worry about the storage. It has 128 GB internal storage and an option to add up to 1TB with a microSD card.

Protection of your data is ensured via Samsung Knox from the moment your phone is turned on. It offers you multi-layer security and saves your private, sensitive information. Speaking of security, it also has a fingertip sensor that recognises your unique fingerprint only allowing you access to your phone.

It comes in 4 classy colours, the awesome violet, awesome black, awesome white and awesome blue. And all this goodness is in just £399.00. I'm SOLD.

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