The best Al apps that you need on your phone right now

April 11, 2021

Having a collection of fun apps to edit and play on or use them to connect with your friends sounds good but your phone's play store has a lot more to offer you. There are other apps, Al apps, that can help make your life easier. Make the maximum use of your phone with these awesome Al apps. Here we have collected the top 5 apps to be at your service and get the tasks done easily. You will not regret reading this super featured blog. Get the best by just scrolling up and down.

1. Cortana:

It is available for both iOS and Android.
Cortana is a virtual assistant which is developed by Microsoft. It uses Bing search engines to perform basic tasks like; recognising natural voice without the requirement for keyboard input and answering questions for the user.
Cortana is currently available in multiple languages; English, Portuguese, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Chinese and Japanese to be precise.
Furthermore, Cortana includes a music recognition service, it can set reminders for the user and also simulate rolling dice and flipping coins, and that's not all. It offers a lot more.
Cortana stores personal information such as locations, reminders or other data in the notebook, from which the users can delete whatever they don't need to keep a hold of.

2. Robin:

It is for Android solo.
Now, Robin is your best friend when you are in the middle of nowhere on the road with no idea of where to turn. It helps you with GPS navigations through which you can search nearby places and ask for directions by voice. Not only this, through Robin you can find yourself affordable parking zones when you are in an unfamiliar area. With it being convenient, It also helps you save some coins. Furthermore, while you are driving it helps you maintain the connection with your family and friends in times of emergency by allowing hands-free managing, so you can send texts or get a full business email typed and sent without a finger ache or worrying about getting hit by your neighbouring cars.

3. Youper:

It is available on both iOS and Android.
Today time requires our brains to run miles per second making it quite easy for them to get exhausted and with the social media race and now, covid around, mental health is getting affected more than ever. Youper is your therapist. It can help you with a variety of conditions such as depression, panic, stress, self-esteem issues, social anxiety and more. After completing a mental health assessment, Youper provides you with daily therapy, exercises guided by Al therapy technology. Via all this, you can stabilise your feelings, process your thoughts calmly, and access your behaviour.

4. Replika:

It is also available in both iOS and Android.
If you experience a hard time expressing your emotions or letting them out, Replika helps you in learning to express yourself through emotions. Emotions are tricky little stuff to handle. This Al app is designed to serve you as a friend whom you can talk to when you don't feel your best. It also helps to get your thoughts and stress off of your chest.
Replika can also save the lesson on your notepad that can be tracked easily later. For a fun experience, it creates a cartoon version of you for a realistic experience and it makes it a fascinating way to communicate.

5. Hound:

Again, it is available for both iOS and Android.
Being on the phone for a very long time can be damaging to your optical nerves and not gonna lie it's a wrist aching job simultaneously. High screen times are considered unhealthy so to help you with that, Hound was brought to this world by some intellects. Hound lets you send the text, call an uber, find a hotel, make calls and much more through only voice commands. You can ask it multiple questions too at once and the best of all features being its speech to the meaning engine, via which it delivers your answers with speed and accuracy.

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