August 18, 2021 is gaining popularity among the masses as one of the most trusted online mobile repair services. Educating the people about the quality expertise used at the repair shop has been the core of this business since the commencement of the firm. Moreover, there is nothing that cannot be fixed at, from smart phones to gaming consoles all are repairable. A large chunk of the population does not get their phones fixed due to numerous reasons, it might be the reliability factor, may be people do not believe in perfect fix, people might think that the data may be unethically used if they entrust their valuable gadget to any company and the list is never ending. CFO - Chief financial Officer at, Wahaj Khan has streamed down few of the possible reasons in limelight that states as to why many devices go unrepaired.

At speaker’s corner, on, CFO, Wahaj Khan stated his legitimate views on the reasons why devices go unfixed. By quoting the researched numbers of the unfixed devices he elaborated that in 2017, 7.5 million users were using the devices that were damaged. This raises a bigger question on the purchasing power parity of the consumer and leaves a big question as to why all the devices in such enormous numbers went unfixed. Wahaj Khan stated that there are two major reasons to start with, the quality of the parts that are used in the repair and the high street repair shops that use low quality material and unqualified technicians who have no professional degree or experience. That leaves the device in an unseen jeopardy.

The CFO further ensures that at, any part that is repaired and malfunctions due to any reason it can be repaired again and collected again, but the question lies the same, is the right person repairing your device with the right tools to handle the procedures? Wahaj Khan made it very clear that validity comes with the credible resources!

The CFO made a clear stance over the repair time and delivery, whereas offers same day repair and delivery. During the COVID 19 situation where lockdown becomes or might become a routine and one never knows that as to when things might take a bleak turn it is very important to understand that a calamity can be fixed, just by a click and little trust. The best offer that provides is the charge on the repair, there are no delivery charges and the only payable amount is the fixing cost and the cost of the parts. Many gadgets that comes up with bigger damages may take a day or two and that too is communicated to the client, but then again it is much better than posting the gadget and getting the job done. With you actually know where your device is and what’s cooking, in fact who’s cooking.

To find any local shop and get things done is easy but to find a reliable source with one stop solution is like moving a mountain! Giving a shot to your repair service guru is worth it. Be it your iPhone screen repair, Cracked iPhone screen or battery replacement issue, GadgetWiz got all covered for you!

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