Why is my Android phone keeps restarting?

August 29, 2022

Android uses are really happy as it is economical and more user friendly. But all the happiness goes in veins when Android phone keeps restarting. What actaully happens is your phone gets into infinite restarting loop.

But the real question is why is this happening? The thoughts are many but irrelevant like the phone may be hacked or the button is broken from the inside. But the real issues can be something else. Lets see some of the issue and discuss fixes.

So the number of possibilities that is causing your phone restarting may be:

  1. Your hardware is damaged.
  2. Logical Board Issue.
  3. Software Corrupted.

Installing corrupted applications, dropping your phone every now and then can cause the issues. You may look for the issues yourself by following the points listed below. If not sure, book a diagnostic now with GadgetWiz.

How to fix your Android phone reboot issues?

  1. Third Party Apps
  2. Safe Mode
Third Party Apps

Third party applications and unlicensed applications which are not even properly supported by Google Play store can be a real pain. These apps can cause a lot of harm to your device then you can imagine. The best way is to uninstall these applications immediately. Other then this, app running in the background can also be the reason of restarting.

You must update all your applications and remove unwanted applications.

Safe mode

Probably the easiest and best way of diagnosis is entering your phone into the safe mode to know which application is troubling. If your phone fine in the safe mode, then you have understood the issue.

To use safe mode, you will firstly need to power off the device then hold the power button. When you see the make/model appear on your screen, hold down the volume button until you see Safe Mode appear on the bottom corner of your screen. When you exit safe mode (holding the power button and pressing restart), delete all third-party apps.

If your device is not working in safe mode, the next step would be to try rebooting the device in recovery mode. Make sure that your data is backed up so you don't end up losing data

Broken Phone Repair in Finchley

If you have tried out all of the tips above and this has not resolved the issue, your Android may have a problem which needs proper checkup and solutions which is guaranteed at GadgetWiz. Here we have specialists who are experts in all sort of broken smartphone repair and android mobile repairing. Located in the area of Finchley, London covering all your all your android related problems. Visit our website www.gadgetwiz.co.uk and get your phone repaired on the same day

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