December 24, 2020

Are new features worthy of your cash instead to repairing the damage?

Phones are a necessity for each individual, through which we can access to the outer world and can connect with the ones who live far apart. Usage of phones had increase from the past few years and months and more usage troubles the users as well. As the competition is increasing between the companies from launching fast speed phones to pocket friendly phones, people are encountering problems occurring during their usage. Slowing of phone or crack on the screen of a phone causes a mini heart attack and panic attacks and straight away we reaches to a solution” Lets buy another phone”. Instead of thinking of buying another phone why not try repairing that phone instead of replacing it. This article is dedicated to all the phone ninjas that are always in a hurry to replace the phone instead of giving a shot to repair it.

Repairing phone is considered as a hectic work to do buts it’s not the case. Repairing of phones as we said to be cause a lot of stress as one have to go to the repair shop and then wait for days to recover your phone. But a fair chunk of mobile issues can be solved at homes and even there are companies which provides reasonable prices and fastest recovery as well. There is a need to repair your phone because firstly it pocket friendly and can be repaired in an easiest way, repairing your device is more affordable then buying a new one. If one phone can be repaired then why go for an expensive phone which can easily causes millions and millions of dollars and with the prevailing situations one should look out for saving rather than spending.  Phones should be repaired for the safety of the environment as well. It was reported by CNN that most of the population throw away around 350,000 phones per day which is quite alarming. The companies making phones uses good amount of CO2 just to produce a new phone which is threat to the environment as well. Now think what can be the reason of companies making huge profits each year and there is a sharp increase in their growth as well just stacking up the environment around. Warranty comes with insurance, many companies provide warranty cards with the phones so that one can use it in difficult time. When one have the triumph card then why go for such luxurious gadgets then. Warranty cards helps in repairing the phone with free charge or with maximum charges as well. Well you can save the money as well just handing over the piece of paper! As the competition. Most important material used in the production of phones is the Coltan which is limited as compared with aluminum and copper. The digging and searching for such materials require extensive labor, hard work and exploitation of human rights as well. Repairing should be important not only in terms of cost effective and environmental but ethical as well. Repairing will not cost much to your pocket and keeping the current situation, as an individual we should support the repair shops as they have come out for earning. There are several shops and online services which should be contacted and supported and their services should be utilized as well.

Where to go?

Confused about which repair shop to opt for proper and satisfactory repair?  Here is a solution which can bring out something astonishing from your phones, Gadget Wiz Company will provide you one stop solution to all your mobile repairing problems. A company that believes in providing better services rather the hovering over other companies for the competition. Visit the website and a step by step guide will help you through the whole cycle. The most promising feature of this London based company is that it offers London’s same day pick and drop services which means one just have to sit at home instead of gushing from shop to another, just handover the phone receive the tracking slip and within hours get your phone back with guarantee.

What can be better than this that repairing your phone does not charge the delivery charge. Yes you heard it right, gadget wiz is providing free delivery and pick up which can safe your pocket to. Gadget wiz is not just easy to order but provides a bunch of services which can satisfies is customers and ensure their security as well. Talking of the repair service, the first thing that takes a road in the mind is the safety and security of the gadget, well no one wants to hand over expensive pieces to just any one, well an email is generated to the client that states the location of the technician. This is super amazing that in a price of fixation, one can get, repair, security and delivery.

Service that ensures safety and security

Handing over ones phone to a repair service creates doubts and trust issues but for the safety and security of the data of the phone, gadget wiz follows GDPR which is known to be a general data protection regulation which is a legal framework that sets guidelines to collect and process the information of individual or a client. Techniques with proper knowledge and skills of their work will serve the clientele. Gadget wiz provides 3 months warranty with every part that is being replaced or associated with the gadget that is repaired at the work shop of the company.

So next time you plan to invest bundles of pounds into your new phone spree, hop on to gadgetwiz.co.uk and get your phone repaired within no time.

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